Support the Fan Club


The Fan Club has just been created, and, to keep it alive, we need people who are ready to contribute to it and help us to keep it active.


If you like the show "XWP", and you want help us to promote it, know that even as a simple member you will help us in our action. If you know other Fans of the show, tell them to become a member too.

To become a member of the Fan Club, go there.

Your Ideas

The Fan Club is there to gather together the Fans and to make the plans they set up concrete. That's why you can suggest your ideas for the Fan Club.

You have a crazy idea in your mind and you want it to become true? Tell us what is it about and we will make our possible to make it become true.

Suggest your ideas, here.

The Website and the Forum

Foremost, Xena-Immortal is a website, and we want it to stay that way. We want that the website to be always active and the forum always entertaining. That's why the website and the forum need you.

We are looking for new writers, translators, newseurs, graphic designers, videomakers, webmasters...
We are only looking for serious, motivated and available people.

To help us, contact us here:

The Shop

You are looking for something related to the show, or something else? Go on our online shop in partnership with Amazon.

We will get a small commission everytime you order something. Then we could propose you competition with better gifts.

Discover our shop here.

Other Help

You are talented in a specific area? You want to share it with the Xenites? Contact us, we will welcome you with open arms!

We are looking for any talent, if you have one or if you want to do something is particular for our community, don't hesitate to suggest us your talent, we will need you! Your help is welcome.

Contact us here: