When you will suscribe to the French Fan Club of Xena, you will get some privileges, including:

   You will get a gift when you will suscribe to the Fan Club. For now, it's a       Xena keychain.

   You will get reductions during our events.

   Each month, you will receive the X-I Television News, in the form of videos       to keep you in touch with the news of the Xenaverse, the cast...

   Each two months, you will receive a gift. You could increase your        collection of derivative products!

   Exclusive on the X-I Official Comics. You will get some scoops (plates,       making-of, preliminary draft of the script...) to plunge you at the core of       the comics.


And you will get all of that for only 30€/year!

The membership to the Fan Club is the main way of financing of the association. Thanks to your membership, the Fan Club can go on and maintain its plans. To support our action, don't hesitate to subscribe to it.

When you become a Privileged Member of the Fan Club, you can be sure that we will make our possible to satisfy you and we will propose you even more things in the future.

The membership is at a reduced price so that everyboby can subscribe to the Fan Club.


To subscribe to the Fan Club, you have to print and fill in the subscription form that you will find here. Once you have filled in it, send it to us with your payment by cheque (made out to "Xena-Immortal") à :

1 Place Gagarine
95340 Persan

You can also pay by:

Paypal: You can pay your subscription right now online by credit card with the Paypal System. It's a secure payment system. The opening of a paypal account is optional. If you want to pay your subscription rapidly, this is the faster way to do it.
Be aware that the subscription, with Paypal rises 31,50 Euros (there is a supplement of 1,50 Euros) because we pay the transactions. Click on the button just below and let us show you.

Bank transfer: Contact us so that we can give you the transfer informations. Contact us by e-mail:

Postal money order: Go to a Postal Agence with one piece of identification and fill in the "Postal money order" form. You give in cash the amount of money to transfer and you pay the shipping charges. The ticket clerk gives you a receipt and the section "Postal money order", section that you have to send us to the adress of the head office.

Cash: You can also pay your subscription by cash but you will have to do it handed personally to one of the members of the Staff during one of our events (meeting between Xenites...).

If you want to pay your subsciption on a different way, don't hesitate to contact us. We are at your convenience and we will do our possible to help you at best.

Once we get your subscription, you will rapidly receive a mail at home confirming your subscription to the Fan Club, with your Member Card and your Welcome Gift.

If you have any question, contact us by mail or go on our forum, here.

Legal Informations


Once we get your subscription form and cash your subscription of 30 Euros, you are a member of the Fan Club. We will send you by mail the confirmation of your subscription, with your Member Card and your Welcome Gift.

The subscription lasts one year, from the date of the reception of your subscription and cashing of your subscription. This date will be noted on your member card.

When your date of subscription will fall due, you will be informed by e-mail or mail, and if you want (or not) subscribe for another year. If any subscription is registred during the next 30 days following the fall due, the member will no longer be considered as a member of the association and he/she will lost all of his/her rights and advantages.

Every subscription cashed by the association is definitely acquired. In case of dismiss, exclusion, death, you won't be able to demand a payback of your subscription during the year.


For the minors who want to subscribe to the Fan Club, the subscription form has to be signed by the parents or the legal tutor.

Otherwise we will have to refuse your subscription.

Your informations

All the informations given to Xena-Immortal are purely confidential and won't be given to another website or wathever.

The informations collected are necessary to your subscription. They are processed by computer and will be used by the secretariat of the association.

The list of the member is a private list. There is neither nationality nor residence term to subscribe to the Fan Club.

Under articles 39 of the French freedom of information act of January 6th 1978, modified by the act of August 6th 2004, you are entitled to access any information refering to you. If you want to modify, edit or delete it, please contact us.