The French Fan Club of Xena


« Xena-Immortal: The French Fan Club of Xena » is an non-profit association law 1901. Its objective is to promote the American show "Xena", to gather together people who have an interest in the show, to organize events of all kind, to give informations about the show and about all the actions that are necessaries.

The Office

The association is only headed by Fans who gather together to share their passion and spread it to other Fans. The members of the Office are all volunteers.

President: Xenan
Secretary: Kaori
Treasurer: Aphrodian
Assistant Secretary: Phoebe

Corporate Headquaters

The corporate headquaters of the Fan Club is set up here:

1 Place Gagarine
95340 Persan

Telephone number:

Legal Informations


The "Xena-Immortal" association was declared at the prefecture of Cergy-Pontoise on December 28th, 2010.

To see the declaration of the association, go there.


The funds of the association, as well as the membership, will be only used to keep the association living.

It won't be shared between the members of the Office, it's punished by law.

Each year, the Fan Club will donate a part of its finances to a charity to help bring relief and assistance to the poorest.


« Xena: Warrior Princess » is an American show owned by Universal.
The objective of our association is to promote the show in France and elsewhere. It's not related to Universal and it's not an official Fan Club. It's has been created by Fans.

The texts that we are publishing are original (except potential translations) and are owned exclusively by the association. Theirs authors gave their copyright to the association as an volunteer participant of an association law 1901. We don't use the Xena logo.

Some pictures and videos could break the law about copyright. Our intention isn't to harm the show that we love. However, if assigns have comment about it, don't hesitate to contact us. Then we will make our possible to respect at best the law about copyright.